Five Tips For Solving Marriage Sexual Problems

The glass ceiling against the rise of women into positions of power have seen many great brains kept back from excelling to their full extent. 8. Be brave. Understand that even with the best partner, sacred sex is bound to be somewhat scary. Why? Because as in any encounter with the divine, you will have to let go of control and surrender to a power greater than your own. Sacred sex is loving sex, and love is not for cowards; it takes courage to plunge into that purifying blaze. The ego may balk, yet our body and soul live for that crazy, exhilarating plunge. There is nothing more noxious to the body than being inhabited by an ego that refuses to let go. Our body yearns to reconnect with the eternal source of its being, and grieves when we becomes so fearful that we refuse the healing medicine of ecstatic pleasure. A body deprived of ecstasy and of the cleansing, purifying stream of bliss is never a happy body.

When women like myself ask about lack of orgasm, experts often refer to inhibition or to psychological trauma that might have caused a woman to view sex as ‘dirty’ or as a ‘violation’ rather than a loving act involving mutual sexual pleasure. I challenge this suggestion – it seems more likely that the reverse is likely to be true.

Let’s get the extreme and least-fun one out of the way first. It’s simply this: give him the key back and refuse to play the game. In other words, treat him just like you would a child by withdrawing your attention from him. I guarantee this will bring him into line very quickly. If he’s in chastity then the thought of being allowed free and just left free will stop him dead in his tracks.

Two persons who are perfectly matched in interests and lifestyle preferences may have different views on sex. Sometimes one of the partners may crave for sex, while the other is not overly concerned with it. In such cases, masturbation may be used to satisfy the first partner without making the second partner uncomfortable. Thus it can be useful to balance the relationship.

Among the agents of sex education are parents; who in my view occupy a central role here; since parents have gone through most of the processes that count very much in sex education, I feel they will be the right people to tell the youth exactly what is entailed in it and be able to tell the best ways of doing things, example how to have sexual intercourse and address issues such as orgasm and all other sensitive matters; their experiences bringing to bare. Also other agents include teachers, religious leaders, friends and the electronic and print media; sex education websites, sex columnists and advisers and many more.

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