Delayed Ejaculation Can Be Cured

A high percentage of men regularly fail to make their women orgasm and it is an astounding and an embarrassing fact for men that almost 70% of women worldwide fake orgasms just to make their partners happy and feel proud but deep inside their heart they are left unsatisfied with their sexual life because they also want to experience earth shattering orgasms after all god has made sex to be enjoyed by both the sexes. 3. Find out what turns her on. Different women get turned on by a myriad of different things and ways. Ask your partner what she likes in bed. Find out what her sexual fantasies are. What would cause the ultimate female climax in her mind? Offer to satisfy her any way she wants. And if that still leave you clueless, simply observe her. Does she moan? Moan along with her. If she moans softly, moan softly too. And vice versa. Does she like the room dark during sex? That probably means the sense of touch turns her on, so make sure there are more skin contact starting right from the foreplay stage. Does she like it fast or slow? Hard or soft? You can make a good judgement simply by paying attention and observing your partner during sex, and this must start from flirtation to sexual foreplay to the actual sex act.

Waterslide inflatables are one of the most popular inflatables there are. Children of course especially love them, but adults do too. They offer a safe and fun way to stay entertained and get some exercise too! But it is important to be safe so here are some easy guidelines for using a fun water slide in the safest possible way.

This was the dominant perspective during Victorian times. As bad as it was, Victorian times were not Medieval times. Even against this bleak backdrop, there were other points of view being expressed. Many early “love manuals” actually emphasized sex for pleasure also. These manuals took the position that there could be equality in the marriage bed. An early indication that for sexuality to flourish, there has to be an acknowledgement of the equal needs and value of the partners in the sex act. There has to be respect and value on the needs, wants and desires of each partner.

This sex game is pretty simple. All you have to do is each pick your “favorite” porn video and have a “video night”. During your private screening you each take turns acting out your “favorite” scene. Similar to the concept discussed in the last tip, you use this information to find out the special things that your partner wants.

1. Tell your story in sacred space. Telling your story is a powerful way of coming out of sexual isolation, owning and integrating your experience. Sometimes, it can even be a lifesaver. Words carry power, and naming your truth in the presence of compassionate, attentive witnesses is tremendously empowering. However, this deeply intimate process should always be contained in a sanctuary space of sorts, which might be a therapist’s office or a trusted friend’s living room.

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