Going down on a woman is not something that all women like, believe it or not. What do you mean by sexual assertiveness? Let us clear away the confusions that some men have about this. Sexual assertive is not sexually “pushy”, it is not sexually “insistent” and it is not sexually “aggressive” or “demanding” either. In other words, it is not being a total jerk that goes for what he wants without caring how she feels.

This trace mineral that is important for the production of sex hormones, such as androgen and estrogen and neurotransmitters that modulate the sex drive with the chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine. If you want to get even more nutrients to help your sex drive then add in some tried and tested herbs which are known to increase libido.

Sacred sexuality can be etheric and gentle, or it can be bawdy, raucous, and funny. Cutting through the ego’s pretentiousness, it reconnects us with the innocent joy of our animal bodies and gifts us with the medicine of wild, liberating laughter. Therefore, the ancient Greeks called Aphrodite the “laughter-loving” goddess who was always surrounded by children.

Women whose sexual experiences are based purely on sex with a partner, often interpret their experiences in the light of emotional criteria. They are confused by other women’s questions about orgasm because they think it is easily achieved. They believe that all you have to do is to have loving feelings for your partner and then you reach orgasm the first time and every time from vaginal intercourse.

Essentially, a weak erection although occurs when not sufficient blood enters the corpora cavernosa, it can happen that because of some damage to nerves or arteries caused by a disease like diabetes mellitus, chronic alcoholism, vascular as well as neurological disease. Other known causes are that smoking, overweight, certain medicines and psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, guilt, despair and fear of sexual failure.

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