Erotic Games For Extra Fun

It is a fact that many couples are not satisfied with their sex lives. Why Can’t I stay hard during sex? This might be the question you also seeking to get the right advise. You can surely stay hard doing sex with your partner, if you keep in mind few important things. The reason for not staying hard in bed is perhaps may be mental or a physical reason. Though, you really not need to worry much for this as there are many natural ways through which you could provide more satisfaction to your partner. If you are suffering from something called erectile dysfunction which is the possible reason for not having excitement in the sex than you need to look down for the things that you should do for having strong and hard erection every time when you are on bed with your partner.

The often-recommended course of action is not to allow him to make love at all, but that’s just the stuff of silly fantasy. Very few women would actually want that – we love our men and we want all of the emotional and physical connection of intercourse even if were adamant about not letting them orgasm.

2. Find each other’s erogenous zones – Everybody is different therefore each person will have different erogenous zones. I am sure there is one you have not explored with your spouse. Touch a spot you have never touched before. Place your mouth somewhere you have never before. Have fun with it. Make it like a game. See what spot gets your partner the most excited.

Free sex tip two – Use an adult dating site to meet people. There are some sites on the internet which are free to join. Dating sites can be used to narrow your selection in a partner and find one compatible for you. These days there are even dating sites to find and marry millionaires. You can choose the age, occupation, and geographic location of your potential partner. Online dating offers you a wide choice.

Today, there are more people aware of their sexuality than in any other era and thanks to these little gizmos and the internet, sex toys can be delivered discreetly and conveniently to your doorstep. The sex toys industry has come a long way with manufacturers constantly improving on their product line.

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