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Female sexuality includes a broad range of behaviors and processes; these include sexual identity and behavior, physiological, social, cultural, political, spiritual, and aspects of sex. Controversial issues have played an integral role in physical education history. For example, in 1972 Title IX banned sexual discrimination in schools regarding sports and academics. This allowed female athletes to actively participate in team sports other than cheerleading with the financial and emotional support of the school system.

What causes female premature orgasm? In males, the lack of neurotransmitter serotonin can be safely said as one of the causes of premature orgasm. However, this might or might not be the case for women. Mostly, female premature orgasm is often caused by the oversensitivity of women’s sexual organs. Other factors that trigger the female sexual dysfunction may be in the form of fluctuating levels of hormones, the menstrual cycle, vascular or blood flow problems, or certain hormonal medications. The fact that there are only a few studies about female premature orgasm makes it hard to find what actually causes this problem.

In order to reach the spot, you must first know the location. On the vagina’s top side between the cervix and the pubic bone lies the G-spot, similar to a female prostate. G-spot is the part of Urethral sponge which plays a significant role at the time of arousal. If stimulation is done properly, extreme pleasure can be obtained, giving rise to orgasm at the time of sexual intercourse. In some of the cases when the spot is stimulated, some women could feel an urge to urinate.

Women’s sexual problems can cause many inconveniences and becomes very troublesome if not addressed on time. The factors behind the women’s sexual problems can be both physical and psychological. The important thing is that the women should raise their awareness level about such complications so that they can be properly treated on time. Sometimes a complaint needs just a little attention to be corrected.

While the concept of Female Therapeutic Sex is relatively new, the desired effects of its use pre-date the study of the female anatomy. Long before medical science developed drugs to minimize the unwanted effects of menopause, women have suffered and dealt with these effects. However, in the world today the effects of menopause are amplified by stress. Intense sexual activity can dampen or even eliminate everyday stress.

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